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How many of our colleagues do we know really well? While we may have ¬†close connections to our immediate workmates, day by day we are surrounded by other coworkers we know little to nothing about. These people may hold the solution to a work problem that’s been nagging at us for weeks. They may be the inspirational mentor we’ve been looking for or even turn out to be our new best friend at work. Yet, we might never find out. In organisations today, people often exist in parallel and lack real connections.

HeyMeet is on a mission to change this. We inspire our clients to build a truly social and collaborative workplace that drives employee satisfaction and efficiency. Our solutions help to create an open company culture where people get together in real life, forming strong connections that last longer than just a phone call. HeyMeet brings your employees together over lunch, coffee, events or shared interests. We help them connect – at work but far beyond work.

Get in touch with our team of experts today. Let’s discuss what the right solutions are for your company. We will help you build a place where employees not just work but come together and connect.

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